Best Rescue Knives for 2020

Best Rescue Knives

Desperate times call for desperate measures and accidents can happen anytime. In situations like getting your clothing stuck in an elevator or your car getting stuck in a creek. A rescue knife is all you need to battle such situations as accidents are uncertain, but you can always be prepared in case of emergencies. Therefore, … Read more

Which Kind of Machete Suits Your Needs Better?

A machete need not be necessarily called just a knife. The size of the machete is much longer than that of a regular knife and also the edge of the knife is much sharper in size. Though a lot of people have preferred to go for the model of knives that can either fit in … Read more

Understanding 440A Stainless Steel for Knives

Understanding 440A Steel for Knives

Buying a sharp and durable knife will provide a hassle-free experience in using them. Before you buy any knife, you should know about how sustainable they are. This can be determined by the material used to manufacture these knives. One such sustainable material is the 440a stainless steel. These are highly strong, durable, and come … Read more

Kershaw Leek – The Perfect Knife for You

Kershaw Leek – The Perfect Knife for You

Whether you are an enthusiast knife collector or a casual pocket knife user, you must be knowing the greatest knife brand Kershaw Knives. Among all their incredible products, Kershaw Leek is the most popular knife.  This knife is an important part of Kershaw’s much-vaunted identity. Kershaw Leek is a Kershaw Ken Onion design. He is … Read more

What Are the Benefits of Elmax Steel?

Benefits of Elmax Steel

There are various kinds of steel you can choose from when you go knife-shopping. Also, there are a variety of factors to consider before buying a knife.  These factors include corrosion-resistance, toughness, wear-resistance, strength, and the capability to sharpen an edge. Among the various materials available, an excellent option is stainless-steel. It offers two superior … Read more

Is 1095 Steel the Best Carbon Steel for Knife?

How Good is 1095 Steel

There are dozens of best steel knife types available to make knives in the market, but which one is the right type for you? What differentiates one steel type from another? It includes factors like hardness, toughness, and corrosion-resistant. Previously, buying a knife was mostly about the blade’s shape, aesthetics, and design. But now, people … Read more

The Best Wireless Range Extenders for 2020

Best Wireless Extenders

We use the Wi-Fi network to get a better internet connection. Many times, you do not get your Wi-Fi range in your home corners. The Wi-Fi network does not reach your room, and you do not get a high-speed internet connection. If you want a consistent and stable internet connection all over your home, you … Read more

Best Gaming Keyboards in 2020

Best Gaming Keyboards

If you’re a gamer, then you probably choose your gaming keyboard very seriously. And you should. When you use your keyboard as your game controller, it is more than just a typing tool. If you care about PC gaming, you know what makes a keyboard great, what differentiates one from another, and what is on … Read more

WhatsApp Web to get support for Messenger Rooms: How to get it

WhatsApp Web

Facebook is doing everything in its capability to compete with video conferencing apps including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The social networking giant had last month rolled out several new features including Messenger Rooms and stretching the limitation for WhatsApp group video calls. It is believed that Facebook will probably roll out Messenger Rooms service for … Read more